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Meditation • Reading. • Resources
Meditation • Reading. • Resources
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Create Your Self – Balance.

The third pillar of change is Balance. We work to add fun, excitement, and joy to our existence.

Balance is defined as an even distribution, stability, equilibrium, when elements are in equal proportions, we have symmetry. Even in asymmetry we can balance the structure we work with to create wellness.

We find harmony between parts when we are balanced. Harmony is created when we have integrated systems. This could be about thoughts and actions; it could be our emotions and our physical ease / dis-ease. In the body we find balance between our skeletal and our musculature/connective tissue systems. In the mind we find balance in our composure and ability to respond rather than react. 

Once we recognize the influence of the body and mind, we must balance our systems. It is here we find congruence between who we want to be and who we are. We find self-assurance, control, and confidence. These bring us a sense of peace and continuity between our internal and external environments. Balance helps us be dynamic and vibrant by bringing us continuity and steadfastness. 

We know living life is about more than health care. Living life needs to have meaning, purpose, and fun. There must be time for work and time for rest. Time for solitude and time connection. Through this pillar Studio B offers a variety of workshops, intensives, support groups, social opportunities, and other events, classes, and groups to help our member-clients find the right mix of doing and being, expressing and reflecting. We aim to figure out what is doable in our client’s lives right now. What makes the most sense and help our member-clients achieve their personal balance.

Feature Programs

5-Week Women with ADHD Course
Men's Group
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Meet the Balance Team

Professionals here to help and provide meditations, reading, and resources to balance your life.

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