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Find waiver, privacy policies, and more documents here. Browse them at your leisure, and print and fill out if necessary for your booked service with Studio B. 

How Does This All Work?

Studio B is a health clinic and health club all in one. We have behavioral health professionals, fitness, wellness, dietitians, and nutrition coaches. Each professional has different interests and specialities. 

Traditional behavioral health and fitness and wellness services are offered as well as a number of cross over services like group exercise for anxiety, nutrition coaching for depression, psychotherapy for weight loss, behavioral health support for non-medical chronic disease and pain management, personal training for addiction, and more. 

Services are offered in packages and ala carte so you can individualize what you need. We add on behavioral health and will bill insurance if that is available to you. We also have a number of workshops, intensives, online courses, and extras throughout the year. Studio B is a one stop shop to meet your health and wellness goals.

Do I Have to Use All The Services?

No. Services are set up so you can use what you need and transition between them as needed. Not sure what to sign up for? We can help guide you based on your current life place, goals, budget, and time available to work on yourself right now. We can set up long term plans so you are able to add services as you grow in your health journey.

Can I Use My Health Insurance?

Yes, for some services. If you have health insurance your behavioral health sessions may be covered. Your plan will determine if you have a co-pay or co-insurance and what benefits are available to you. 

Our behavioral health providers take a variety of insurances. Behavioral health is defined similar to primary care services, although your plan may list psychotherapy as a speciality and pre-authorization may be needed. Our registered dietitian services may also be covered by insurance. The services and medical diagnosis will determine what is covered by your insurance. You might need a medical doctor to refer you to dietitian services to access your insurance benefits. You will want to check your individual plan to find out what is available to you. 

In addition, your insurance plan may cover the cost of our monthly packages or pay for qualified personal training and exercise classes. Again, each plan is different and you’ll want to look into your plan to make sure you know what benefits are available to you. 

Fitness, health, and nutrition coaching is typically not covered by insurance, however again depending on the plan you may have benefits that will cover these services. Sometimes a medical referral will be required to get these services covered by insurance. 

We are happy to help you navigate your benefits to the best of our ability. Sometimes insurance companies will require that the covered individual is the one getting the information on their plan.

Why Do Psychotherapy?

Everyone deserves therapy. When else can you talk about yourself with someone trained to listen deeply to your thoughts and feelings without bias in your decisions. Someone to offer support without just giving you advice from their own lives. 

We all want to be seen and heard, therapy gives you space so you can hear your authentic self. You can figure out your values and live confidently from them. 

You can find your true self and let go of people pleasing and pushing others away to protect yourself. Therapy offers a way to truly engage in full experience living so you can experience congruence in yourself.

What Exactly is Psychotherapy?

Lots of people wonder what actually happens in therapy and how it works. Therapy is about relationships. Humans need each other to help regulate our nervous systems. We call this social engagement. Because we are pack creatures we need each other to help us thrive. 

Therapy capitalizes on this fact. In therapy, we use the therapeutic relationship to create what are called “corrective experiences”. These are opportunities to have a different experience than we did when we got psychologically hurt. In therapy, we examine what did not work in our past and we work on doing it differently. We use the therapeutic relationship to build corrective experiences and practice being in relationship with ourselves, others, and our environment. 

In our first therapy session, we do what is called “an intake”. During an intake appointment, we take a psychological and social history by asking questions about what you are experiencing and why you are coming to therapy now. During this session, we are working to understand what has changed, what you don’t like, and what you want to be different. From there, we create a treatment plan and develop goals for your course of therapy. This is like your “prescription” for treatment. It guides us and shapes the experiences of each session. 

Watch a YouTube Video What to Expect in Your First Therapy Session: 

Once we have a treatment plan developed we start turning our attention toward what isn’t working and begin to shift it toward what you’d rather have. We do this using what are called “interventions”. Interventions are like procedures in medicine. We use a variety of therapy models and theory to develop individualized interventions to meet your needs, offer corrective experiences, and create what is called “insight”. 

YouTube Video What to Expect in Your First Therapy Session:

Insight is about gaining awareness of your patterns and deciding what is working and what is not working. Once we have enough awareness of your patterns we determine what skills you need to develop and enhance. Then we work on practicing and building upon them. 

Read More About How Psychotherapy Can Help Me Here …

Are There Discounts For Families?

Yes. Family & couples therapy depends on insurance coverage and our contracted rate with your insurance provider.

What If I Want A Refund?

Refunds are given based on the service and according to our refund policies. Refunds are dependent on the timing and differ for different services, classes, courses, etc. Please refer to our policies and procedures to determine the refund procedures available for your pre-paid packages or course.

How Do I Know If You Take My Insurance?

You will need to call your insurance and ask if the provider you have chosen is “in network”.

We are unable to check eligibility and network status until your intake and demographic forms are completed.

Please call our front desk at 970-422-1761 for more information. 

How Do I Schedule?

For Fitness and Nutrition, purchase here: and schedule with a trainer.

For Psychotherapy, call the front desk at 970-422-1761 or email [email protected] . Once you are established you can schedule on your Simple Practice portal.

Please call our front desk at 970-422-1761 for more information. 

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