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Create. Your. Self. - Body.

You have heard it before … exercise keeps you strong, but ABs are made in the kitchen.

Maybe you are someone dealing with a health condition and want to maximize your body’s ability to stay on track for healing. Either way it is time for a nutrition coach. 

Nutrition coaching can make the difference in sticking to a healthy meal plan or not. To following through on the steps needed to reach your goals or falling off the path over and over.

At Studio B our holistic nutrition coaches can help you find your center, meet your goals, and keep you on track while having fun. 

How many times have you started a nutrition course only to quit early? Or followed a one size fits all nutrition class and felt deprived and alone?

Not with our health and nutrition coaches. They are ready to meet you where you are, help you make consistent change, and support you along the way. 

If you are looking to take your health to the next level, start today by working with a integrative health and nutrition coach at Studio B.

With all the choices in the grocery store aisle it can be hard to determine what is best for you and your goals. We take the guesswork out of what diet is right for you.

We start with a thorough assessment of your current lifestyle, past experiences, and hopes for your future self.

Then we work with you to create a plan you can live with and move forward on your goals. 

Your health and wellness coach is with you each step of the way as you progress through the stages of change and develop new habits and skills on your way to optimizing yourself.  

Accountability is a must if we are to reach our goals. Most of us won’t stick to a diet, exercise, or other behavior change unless we have necessity.

Studio B nutrition coaches keep you accountable to yourself. As part of your personalized nutrition plan, your nutrition coach is near. We work with you so we can monitor your progress, directly message, check in, and adjust your meal plan as needed. 

Many know the basics of healthy eating, whole foods choices, plant based protein, keto guidelines, or paleo options, however, dialing in a program that fits your bio-individuality, unique physical structure, food preferences, time boundaries, family and work obligations, taste preferences, and budget can be hard with a one size fits all type program. Here we walk the road of your health journey together. 

We help clients create programs that get them excited to get in the kitchen and make healthy meals for themselves and food their family will eat.

Studio B nutrition coaches create programs for your goals, dreams, and wishes for a healthier you and let us help you surpass your goals.

You don’t have to do it alone.

We are with you as you Create. Your. Self.


  • Foods that Balance Hormones
  • Whole Food Living
  • Vegan Athletes
  • Practical Keto
  • Non-Meat Based Protein Options
  • Organic and Sustainable
  • Effectively Using Leftovers
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Sugar Detox
  • Real Life Paleo
  • Cancer Support
  • Foods that Build Immunity
  • Balancing Moods
  • Cutting Addiction Cravings
  • Chronic Pain Considerations
  • Muscle Gain 
  • Weight Loss
  • Dealing with Chronic Illness
  • Optimizing Athletic Performance
  • And more … 

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Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.


While all services and courses are comprehensive, you can experience heightened benefits by combining services to work in unison, especially by combining work in body, behavior, and balance. Consider some of Studio B's other services and courses listed below.

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