Our Vision At Studio B is to create an environment where taking care of your health is creative and fun. 

Even when working through hard things. 

What Does This Mean for You?

Owning your health.

Being educated about choices and how your behavior impacts your wellbeing – personally and collectively.

Dealing with discomforts as a way through rather than something to escape from.   

Having support on your journey through difficult work that makes the changes needed to drive your life forward where you want to go.

Cheerleading you as you build new habits toward creating the life you want.

How do we do this?

We built a place. One that supports all aspects of healing. A Studio to Create. Your. Self.

We address all aspects of health through these pillars:

We collaborate with a variety of professionals to offer the support you need to Create. Your. Self.

We make it fun. We know dealing with difficult things is tough. And we know we are stronger together rather than being alone.


We Build Tension. We ask that you stretch – figuratively and literally. Whenever we build something we need the right balance of compression and tension.

We support the tension and compression. The pressure that is driving you to change. Pressure transforms things. We want just the right amount for the good stuff to emerge.


The body is evidence of the past and as a result, it is our first pillar to address. It is what has come before and has manifested in the tangible and concrete form. The body will show signs of struggle in presentations such as disease and discomforts. The body is the place we must start. As the most tangible piece of our existence, it lends itself to being shaped by our behaviors and beliefs. Development of self-moves from the gross to the subtle and back again. The body takes its direction from the soul/mind and also informs the soul/mind of experiences. 


Our second pillar is all about choices and creating a desired future. As we move into subtler forms of experience, we engage our mental and emotional health.  Emotions are just an information system here to help us navigate our experiences through feelings that inform our actions. As we learn to navigate healthy emotional regulation our physical health is positively impacted. Once we are able to recognize the somatic sensations of our emotional presentations, we can observe our thoughts and beliefs about our experiences. Both of these inform our behavior in the world, the results we see in our relationships and obtaining our goals. At Studio B we know we cannot have physical health without mental health, and that mental health has the potential and power to drive our physical experiences. We are ready to tap this power to make positive changes in our client’s lives. 


In our third pillar, we work to add fun, excitement, and joy to our existence. Balance is defined as an even distribution, stability, equilibrium, when elements are in equal proportions, we have symmetry. Even in asymmetry, we can balance the structure we work with. We find harmony between parts when we are balanced. Harmony is created when we have integrated systems. This could be our thoughts and actions; it could be our emotions and our physical ease/dis-ease. In the body, we find balance between our skeletal and our musculature/connective tissue systems. In the mind, we find balance in our composure and ability to respond rather than react. Once we recognize the influence of the body and mind, we must balance our systems. It is here we find congruence between who we want to be and who we are. We find self-assurance, control, and confidence. These bring us a sense of peace and continuity between our internal and external environments. Balance helps us be dynamic and vibrant by bringing us continuity and steadfastness. Through this pillar Studio B offers a variety of workshops, intensives, support groups, social opportunities, and other events, classes, and groups to help our clients find the right mix of doing and being, expressing and reflecting. We aim to figure out what is doable in our client’s lives right now. What makes the most sense and help our member-clients achieve their personal balance. 


In this fourth pillar of support, Studio B is set up to help professionals live their passion and offer accessible, affordable, and attainable mental and physical health treatment. We offer a co-working, flex space, cost-sharing option so our professionals can do what they love most – serve people. Studio B handles the back office, business activities, medical billing, and administration tasks it takes to run a professional healthcare business. This leaves our team members with more time to build programs, get creative, and help people. We succeed when our team members succeed, and Studio B staff is ready to help you build your brand and professionalism.

Ready to Create Your Self?

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