Studio B COVID-19 Updates

While working with us at the Studio, we ask that you do your part to help us protect all our member-clients and team members. We want to stay open and stay available to serve you.

We are currently seeing clients in the office and online. Please let us know which you prefer for your appointment.

We are working to follow our local health department guidelines. 

We ask that individuals that are ill or positive for COVID reschedule or be seen virtually. If you prefer the provider wear a mask during your in-person session, please let them know. 

Thank you for helping us keep you safe!

The Studio B Team!

We have air filters to each room to maximize our ability to keep you and our professionals safe. We have also completed the San Juan Basin Health Department’s certification and have posted signage in accordance with their suggested policies and practices. 

Our behavioral health staff is using a HIPPA secure telehealth system to seamlessly continue your therapy and personal training. More information on the telehealth system is below.

Our fitness and wellness team continues to see clients one on one and in small semi-private groups. 

We have been brainstorming ways to continue to meet your fitness and wellness goals and develop our behavior and balance courses using technology and remote training options if you would prefer to meet online instead of in-person.

Extra Resources and Continuing to Be Social

For many, it is still a difficult time. Please make sure you are getting enough “social time” through other avenues like technology, getting outside or in the sun daily, getting enough sleep, but not too much, are getting daily movement in, and are working to eat well. It is also helpful to set up a routine for yourself. Routines help us feel safe.

If you need extra support, you can visit: to read blog posts and articles to stay focused and healthy. On our resources page, you will find Stacy’s curated Spotify playlists, Pinterest boards, and YouTube channel where you will find a number of videos to help remind you of your therapy exercises and skills to keep you working toward healthy coping when we are not together in the treatment room. There are also links to the videos and meditation pages on her site as well.

We know this is difficult and we are grateful you are willing to work through this time with us. We will do our best to make sure we are ready, technology is running smoothly, and we have a great session even though we might be miles apart. We are glad technology allows us to continue support our work together.

HIPPA secure Telehealth Behavioral Sessions

If you log into your Simple Practice portal, you should see your new “location” as video. Your reminder for next week’s appointment will include a link to the video “room”.

Telehealth sessions are currently part of your client portal. You do not need any special software. Via computer you will need to log into your email and open the video link. Via Phone you will need to download the Telehealth by Simple Practice application prior to our session. The information needed to download the application will come with your private video link to the “room”. Just a computer or phone with a camera.
Your reminder will include the “room” link and we will contact you via this link when it is time for our session. Your provider will call you from the “room” using this streaming service and we will have our session from the comforts of our own spaces.
If you do not have a computer or phone with video capabilities, please let us know and we will figure out how to meet for your scheduled session.

Information for setting up your telehealth “room” can be found here.
Getting Started with Telehealth:
For help with your Simple Practice Client Portal See This PDF:

All Doing Our Part

By slowing the transmission, we help our community, especially our health care workers, stay on top of helping those who are at most risk and we increase the supplies and services for those most in need. We know this is still a very hard time for many of us and we are all working to remain focused on taking care of ourselves and our neighbors. By doing our individual part we help our community be stronger and more resilient to the stressors of this virus and all the surrounding chaos we are experiencing.

Please remember to practice good hygiene and wash your hands … A LOT!!! The tricky thing about COVID-19 is that the incubation period is 2-14 days; people can be infectious and contagious before they even show symptoms. 

The CDC is continually updating its recommendations regarding COVID-19. Visit their website for the most up-to-date information: You may also call CO Help at 1-877-462-2911 for general COVID-19 questions.

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