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Are you looking for clarity? Want to work on specific goals to move your life forward? Not interested in looking back at the past? Feel stuck in your current life situation and need a map to get moving again? 

Then you might be in need of Life Coaching.

Life or personal development coaching differs from psychotherapy in that we aren’t looking at past traumas, emotional healing, and past wounding.

In personal development coaching we are sticking to the here and now while building a strategy to get you moving forward. 

Therapy is often weekly, every other week, or monthly in service of helping you heal from emotional and physical traumas.

Coaching is more of a plan that you carry out. You could meet with your coach weekly or monthly but the emphasis is on checking in, getting clarity for next steps, and moving you toward your goals. 

Life coaching does address obstacles getting in your way and problem behaviors you have that side track you, but it doesn’t go back and figure out why they are here in the first place. 

Therapy on the other hand does. In psychotherapy the problem behaviors and obstacles are addressed as part of researching the roots of the problem and then working to gain insight, awareness, and healing from past experiences that created the problem(s). Therapy is a co-created process between the therapist and client where treatment goals are developed and implemented to help your life shift directions and change for the better. 

Personal development coaching is a process that allows you to look at specific goals and steps to attaining those goals. In life coaching we are also working to change for the better but truly looking at moving forward with a co-created plan and accountability. Your coach is focused on getting results for specified goals and keeping you on track toward those goals. 

Life coaching starts with an appointment to discuss your goals and assess what is not working. Then you will work with your coach to form a plan.

The plan will outline steps you need to take and timelines to take them. Then your coach will support you to help you stay on track. Meetings with your coach are based on your individualized goals and needs. 

Throughout the process your personal development coach will help you make sure you stay on track and get the results you want.


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Create Your Self with StudioB - Balance.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Balance.


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