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Take your physical training to the next level. Hire a Personal Trainer. 

Whatever your goals are, hiring a fitness coach can be a game-changer. Whether it is a workout plan for weight loss, workouts that create weight gain, treat a chronic condition with diet and exercise, want to increase your running time, get off the couch and run your first 5k, use exercise to manage your moods, decrease pain with gentle movement, or build back your strength after an injury we’ve got your individual fitness plan. Our personal trainers are experienced, certified, and PASSIONATE about what they do and how their knowledge and skills can help you optimize your life. 

Many people wonder why they should hire a personal trainer? Isn’t working out just about moving and picking up some weights? Can’t I just watch some YouTube videos? Sure …

However, you are unique and your bio-individuality means that not every diet plan, weight training plan, or workout schedule is for you. Studio B personal trainers know how to make your workouts effectively work for you.

Could you be successful doing what your friend does? Sure … 

But to be effective we want to make sure the program you are doing matches you, your goals, your body, your mind, and your experience. We are all different and have different biology and psychology. We want to make your fitness plan all about you. That’s why hiring a fitness trainer can make all the difference in the world when it comes to reaching your goals and being successful. 

Ready to build your body, keep yourself strong, stay flexible, and be ready for whatever life throws at you? Then it is time to get a trainer. Professionals know hiring a coach sets them apart, that’s why every sports team has multiple people coaching, guiding, and encouraging them. You deserve to have people in your corner, too. When we really want to get something done we are much more effective when we work with someone. Socializing our goals helps us stay on track and makes us accountable for our actions toward them. A dedicated personal trainer makes sure you aren’t alone on your journey.

Hiring a personal trainer helps you weed through all the information out there. There is so much floating around about this diet or that one. So much about which way you should lift weights, about how to recover from workouts appropriately, and when you should fuel before and after workouts. A weight trainer and fitness coach can help you make sure you are working toward your goals with efficiency and working the right program for you at this time on your health journey. 

Working with a trainer helps you work out harder. Ever been hit by that competitive bug? Even the one that pits you against yourself? We give a bit more when we are in front of another person. It helps us push ourselves and bring out the best in us. When we are working with a personal trainer we wring out one more rep, lift 5 more pounds, hold our proper form a minute longer. These small steps create big fitness gains. 

Start Your … 

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Building muscle
  • Workout with a partner
  • Run faster
  • Stretch further
  • Lift harder
  • Find the right fitness program for me
  • Crush my goals
  • Paddle stronger
  • Swim further
  • Walk more
  • Get healthy
  • Play with my kids
  • Have more energy
  • Feel happy
  • Be strong
  • Build my calmer self

…  Journey Today.


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Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.


While all services and courses are comprehensive, you can experience heightened benefits by combining services to work in unison, especially by combining work in body, behavior, and balance. Consider some of Studio B's other services and courses listed below.

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