The Integration of Yoga and Psychology.

 Wisdom Informs, Science Explains Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course

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Ever wonder why & how Yoga works? Modern Psychology has some of the science to explain the ancient wisdom Yoga has been saying for years. 

In this class, we will connect the dots between key Yoga philosophy topics and what recent research in the west has discovered. Understand the science behind mindbody health and the integration of ancient wisdom and modern psychology. 

Designed for you – Yoga teachers and mental health providers – walk away with some key tips to bring to your classes, clients and patients. Like how to read posture and behaviors to give your students / patients what they really need to create a shift. If you are a Yoga teacher, mental health provider or practitioner in the health and wellness world asking the question of WHY behind the transformative practice of Yoga … then this class is for you.

Join us, and sign up for the live online class: The Integration of Yoga and Psychology … Wisdom Informs, Science Explains. 

Now get excited!! Over the 8 week course we will cover: 

    • How the nervous system structures are impacted by mental health presentations & yoga

    • Understanding what breath work practices & yoga asanas to give when working with differing mental health states ie: depression, anxiety, ADHD, & trauma presentations

    • How to sequence & add movement to your clinical practice and classes for various psychological states

    • The science behind abhyasa & vairagya 

    • Gunas, polyvagal theory & mental health states

    • Consciousness, the four parts of chitta, & the links between thought and movement 

    • Yuga cycles & understanding ourselves/experience in time and space

    • Koshas & the different layers of self

    • The Wheel of Karma & how our thoughts, emotions, and actions impact our experience of self, other, & the/your world/environment

    • Samskara & trauma

    • Klesha & psychological afflictions

    • Presence & practices to help bring you into present moment

    • Cultivating/Coaching change using the science on behavior change

    • How to hold space & how to meet your student/client where they are by understanding the 5 states of attention & caliber of student

    • The 8 limbs & how they relate to everyday life, even if you aren’t living in an Ashram

PLUS … You’ll have access to us to ask questions during the live program and engage in the online community to help you deepen your experience of the material.

We’ve designed this program to be a combination of lecture/discussion with question and answer opportunities, experiential practice, teaching guides, opportunities for challenging yourself to expand your comfort zone and engage in the community to share how your practice and teaching changes as you implement the new learning. 

I’m sure you are wondering … “what does this program cost”? Get over 8 hours with both of us!!! During our time we will discuss the items listed above live – so you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and deepen your own study in an interactive style. Over the course, you’ll have exercises, handouts, and a private Facebook group to discuss how the material is changing you and impacting your students and clients. 

AND … we’ll be jumping in and commenting, answering questions, and offering other tidbits of information pertinent to the topic of the week, and expand on information brought up during the lectures. 

PLUS … Get Yoga Alliance non-contact CEUs!!!

Yes!! Sign me up. I want more understanding and Yoga Knowledge.


Who Are We?

Why pay us to teach you? Because together we have over 30 years of combined Yoga study and teaching experience. We have spent a long time building our understanding of these concepts and have applied them to our lives and 1,000s of students and clients in our own practices.

We know reaching students is an art and it takes knowledge to know how to say, explain, and present just the right bit of information at the right time to make an impact. 

We both believe this information is important for our world and know you are part of the solution to creating a better future for us all.

Who I AM

Stacy Reuille-Dupont, PhD, LAC, CPFT, CNC

Dr. Stacy Reuille– Dupont is currently a licensed clinical psychologist, licensed addiction counselor, certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, and formerly a group exercise instructor, yoga teacher, and fitness center owner. She has over 25 years of experience working in the fitness and wellness industry and over a decade working in traditional mental health clinics, integrated care environments, and building a successful private psychology practice.

SarahKlein7headshot preview

Who I Am

Sarah Klein, BS, RYT

Sarah Klein, owner of Whole Health Lab, is a health/nutrition coach and a certified Yoga instructor. Her educational background is in Health Psychology, Human Development, Nutrition, Hormone Health and she has extensively studied Yoga. Sarah leads yoga and wellness retreats, runs online nutrition programs and Yoga teacher training programs. Sarah’s mission is to spread health, happiness and yoga. You will recognize her passion for this mission the moment you meet her.


Next Steps

This course runs annually.

Get more information online below or call for more info about dates and waiting lists.

Create Your Self with StudioB - Balance.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Balance.


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