Workout Smarter Eat Better Feel Amazing
Workout Smarter Eat Better Feel Amazing
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Create Your Self – Body.

The body is evidence of the past and as a result, it is our first pillar of change to address. 

It is what has come before and manifested in the tangible and concrete form. The body will show signs of struggle in presentations such as disease and discomforts. 

The body is the space we must start our transformations. As the most tangible piece of our existence, it lends itself to being shaped by our behaviors and beliefs. 

Development of self-moves from the gross to the subtle and back again. The body takes its direction from the soul/mind and also informs the soul/mind of experiences.

At Studio B, we focus on relationships.  We know reaching goals is about much more than just doing the work.  It takes connection. Recognizing relationships as a key factor in accomplishing health goals, our clinic focuses on cultivating inclusive social structures and high levels of customer service.

Studio B culture is about building a wellness home and helping clients build the habits for long term health success.  We want our clients to know their hard work is noticed. 

Thus, Studio B is a place clients can find a connection to providers focused on helping them achieve their wellness and health goals.

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Obesity Somatic Fusion Group
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Meet The Studio B Body Team

Meet the  Studio B Body Team

Professionals here to help you workout smarter, eat better, and feel amazing.

In Addition to Studio B's Amazing Coaching Professionals ...

We are co-located with Advantage Physical Therapy & Wellness

Another option for movement therapy to support your continued healing and overall health.
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At Advantage PT & Wellness, our hands-on physical therapists provide cutting-edge treatment plans specific to each patient’s goal, all while maintaining compassion, empathy, and patient dignity. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and sincere interactions with our patients through a wide variety of treatments including laser therapy, dry needling, blood flow restriction, post-concussion care, massage therapy, and so much more!

What else would you like to work on today?

Ready to Create Your Self?

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