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The body is evidence of the past and as a result, it is our first pillar of change to address. It is what has come before and manifested in the tangible and concrete form. The body will show signs of struggle in presentations such as disease and discomforts. The body is the space we must start our transformations. As the most tangible piece of our existence it lends itself to being shaped by our behaviors and beliefs. Development of self moves from the gross to the subtle and back again. The body takes its direction from the soul/mind and also informs the soul/mind of experiences.

We focus on relationships. We know reaching goals is about much more than just doing the work. It takes connection. Members commonly state they leave a fitness and nutrition center because they do not feel like part of the center community, and psychotherapy success is 80% dependent on the relationship between client and provider. Recognizing relationships as a key factor in accomplishing health goals, our clinic focuses on cultivating inclusive social structures and high levels of customer service.

Programs and memberships are designed to help clients socialize and gain a sense of belonging. Studio B culture is about building a wellness home. We want our member-clients to feel like their hard work is noticed and that they belong. Many feel marginalized in the traditional fitness center environment due to chronic conditions, anxieties, excessive weight, inexperience with physical exercise, a sense of failure at past attempts to become more healthy / lose weight, or sensitivity to the high level of external stimulation a traditional fitness center has (lighting, mirrors, loud music, multiple machine motor noises, TVs going, many people in the spaces at once, etc). Thus Studio B is a place clients can find a wellness home, a sense of belonging, and a connection to providers focused on helping them achieve their wellness and health goals.

Workout Smarter Eat Better Feel Amazing
Workout Smarter Eat Better Feel Amazing

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Here is a sampling of some of our popular fitness and nutrition courses. If you would like a comprehensive list, click all services below.

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Health from the inside out. Studio B embraces the health and wellness of people in the areas of the body, mind, and spirit.

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