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Therapy • Coaching • Action
Therapy • Coaching • Action
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Create Your Self – Behavior.

Our second pillar of change is all about choices and creating a desired future.

As we move into subtler forms of experience we engage your mental and emotional health. Emotions are just an information system here to help us navigate our experiences through feelings that inform our actions.

As we learn to navigate healthy emotional regulation our physical health is positively impacted.  Once we are able to recognize the somatic sensations of our emotional presentations we can observe our thoughts and beliefs about our experiences.

Both of these inform our behavior in the world, the results we see in our relationships, and obtaining our goals.

At Studio B we know we cannot have physical health without mental health, and that mental health has the potential and power to drive our physical experiences. 

We are ready to tap this power to make positive changes in your life. We meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Through analysis of current behaviors, we incorporate changes that support the life you want to lead, not the one you were handed or have fallen into as a result of habitual behavior. 

To do this, we work with you to set concrete goals, develop strategies to reach those goals, and establish timelines to track progress. 

Depending on your goals we build programs that incorporate all aspects of wellness: fitness, nutrition, behavior change, accountability, socialization, goal setting/planning, and mental illness all in one space with qualified and passionate professionals dedicated to serving the patient’s complete health needs.

Feature Programs

5-Week Women with ADHD
Men's Group
men's group durango
Commonly used therapy modalities include, but not limited to:

Academic Counseling & Assessment
Behavior Therapy
Body-Centered Psychotherapy
Client-Centered Approaches
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)
Family Systems Models
Hakomi Method
Depth Oriented Brief Therapies
Motivational Interviewing
Narrative Therapy
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Solution Focused Therapies
Telehealth Online Therapy through a HIPPA secure platform

Things we treat include, but not limited to:

Balancing Friends, Family, Sports, & School for the whole family
Being Effective in Family Situations
Bipolar Disorder/Mood Disorders
Building Strong Family Connection
Communication Skills
Dealing with Peer Pressure
Dependency Impacts on the Family
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Eating Disorders
Exercise and Diet Adherence
Family Power Struggles
Helping Teens Make Positive Choices
Injury Related Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety



Learning to Make Friends at Any Age
Learning to Talk with Kids
Life Transition Changes & Decisions
Non-Medical Chronic Disease Management
Non-Medical Treatments for Pain Management
Obesity & Healthy Behavior Related Issues
Personality Disorders
Pre/Post Surgery Mental Health Support
Raising Teens
School Struggles
Setting and Maintaining Family Structure and Expectations
Sports Performance
Supporting Sexuality Questioning
Testing & Performance Anxiety
Trauma and Stress Disorders
Weight Loss / Gain

Popular Services

Here is a sampling of some of our popular behavior services. If you would like a comprehensive list, click View All Services or scroll down to see the services below.

Meet the Behavior Team

Professionals to help you and provide therapy, resources, and inspire actionable steps for your life.

What else would you like to work on today?

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