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Pleasure in the Job puts Perfection in the Work – Aristotle

We Love What We Do!

We are Experts in our Fields, Using Solid Science, and Proven Interventions to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals. 

We know it might be hard to consider a positive experience when dealing with difficult things. 
Difficult things happen and we are passionate about helping people deal with them. 
Our jobs bring meaning and joy into our lives, and we work to share that with you while supporting you to heal. 

 Those of Us Working with The Body Appear on the Body Page.   

Our Behavioral Health Team is Located on the Behavior Page. 

We all Work in The Balance Department. 

Providers and Programming depend on availability throughout the year. 

Many of us work in multiple areas at Studio B. 
Click the Topic Above to See Who Works in That Department. Flexible scheduling is available. Please call for options. 
Visit our individual pages, to find out more about our unique personalities and specialties.

Click on our profile photo or our name on the list under providers in the menu above to be taken to our individual provider profiles.

Team Member Comments from our recent provider survey. 

Happy Providers = Happy Clients

Team Member Answers to The Survey Question: Is there anything we did well (over the 1st year)?

At Studio B our goal is to make a comfortable, inviting, and easy space for providers to service people. So often we (providers) are asked to work in environments that are not supportive of us while we are expected to support others. We are very proud our providers are feeling the love and comfort go being supported to do the work they love.

1. The physical communication between myself and staff is good when I am there. (providers have telehealth/online options and can chose when they want to work in the office space)

2. You create a very welcoming and inclusive feeling environment. You make it clear that you really value your practitioners and the work we do.

3. I love the concept of the business and the team! The business and team are welcoming! I also think that the advertising and marketing had been a huge success! I have told many people about my new employment through Studio B and nearly everyone I tell has heard of us! With this being a fairly new business, I find that impressive! (at Studio B we help you advertise your services and handle all the marketing for the studio which includes our practitioners)

4. So much. It has felt very easy to work here, and I feel proud to be a part of the team.

5. I have been referring people to work with us at Studio B.

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