Interested in reaching your fitness goals? You look to your health care professional when you are sick so why shouldn’t you look for a personal trainer when you want a certain fitness level? They are the professionals in accomplishing fitness goals. They know the tricks, the methods, and the protocols to get you where you want to be – physically. So don’t pass them by thinking they are a luxury. Take control of your life, ask for help, and reach your fitness goals! Here are some things to look for when you are hiring a personal trainer.

6 Things to look for when finding a personal trainer:
1. Background – look for someone with a recognized certification, experience, and education. Does their area of specialty and interest match your goals.

2. Education – Certifications, workshops, and continuing education are all ways a personal trainer can stay up-to-date on industry changes. It is not necessary that your trainer has a related degree, but it can help. Look for an exercise science background and fitness testing background.


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