How to Start "Studio B-ing"

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  We’ve got you covered. Our professionals are experts in behavior change and creating successful plans.

Let us help you create health from the inside out and establish an adventurous spirit toward creating the life you want.  

Health Engineered in 4 Steps

If you are going to get serious about CREATING. YOUR. SELF. you need a solid game plan based on data YOUnique to you.  You are complex and a unique individual. Your treatment should reflect what you need, not a cookie cutter plan.  At Studio B we work with you to create a health plan you are excited to follow. 

  • Life Assessment

    Free 30 minute meeting with one of our psychology providers. We'll review what your goals are and assess any obstacles that may get in your way. From here we'll help you determine what services meet your needs. We'll help you decide which providers match your style best.

  • YOUnique Design

    You aren't like anyone else so why should your life plan be? In this step we continue our assessments. We assess your psychology, daily movement, and diet. Assessments performed will depend on the goals you created during your life assessment. Once we have your YOUnique data points we devise a plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be. You'll know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals.

  • Activate Your Plan

    Plans are great, but if you don't do something about them they don't happen. At Studio B we know having great intentions doesn't mean you'll have great success. We all need help getting our goals done. Our professionals are experts in behavior change and can support you to success. Already on your path? Then book time to use the Studio or schedule a class led by one of our personal trainers just for you and your friends.

  • Optimize Your Life

    Socializing change and continued assessment. Life is optimized when our quality of life is high. Quality of life is high when we have purpose and meaning in all aspects of our daily experiences. Socializing change makes it more likely we will continue positive habits. By determining your goals, personalizing your approach, taking action and continued assessment you create a life you love. Studio B professionals add the element of socializing your progress. They help you remain accountable with enough flexibility to meet the demands of your YOUnique life. This makes your new healthy habits a lifestyle and not just a passing accomplishment.

Schedule a FREE Life Assessment

Create. Your. Self.

Schedule Your FREE Meet and Greet Appointment with one of our Professionals Today! At Studio B we focus on your psychology first. We know getting your head clear and healing past hurts is the start to a great life. Then you can add on movement and nutrition for integrative treatment options to help you optimize your health and heal. If you want to create a healthy life, but don't know where to start let us help you figure out your next steps.

Getting Started Blog Posts To Help Take The First Step

Want more? Build your knowledge through our blog posts. Get passionate about your goals and CREATE. YOUR. SELF. Dedicate your time to you.

Create Your Self with StudioB - Body. Behavior. Balance
Create Your Self with StudioB - Body. Behavior. Balance


While all services and courses are comprehensive, you can experience heightened benefits by combining services to work in unison, especially by combining work in body, behavior, and balance. Consider some of Studio B's other services and courses listed below.

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