Jaccinda Moffat


I am a proud Native of Durango, and have 15 (+) years experience in the Health & Wellness industry. 


My passion is to assist people in reaching their goals, by discovering where they are  in their current reality of Body & Mind and where they would like to “BE” in those areas.


I believe, if we have a structured plan, a willingness to do “the work”, and a community of support, our goals can & will be achieved. 


In other words, If we can see it behind our eyes, we can hold it in our hands. And it all begins with BELIEF. 


Our inner voice is our greatest superpower.



One of my  favorite QUOTES:

“Run the race with the shoes you have.”

-Jim Thorpe-

I Coach People to Strive for a  B A L A N C E D Lifestyle

B – Body in Motion

A – Awareness & Presence

L – Love of Self & Others

A – Acceptance 

N – Necessary Rest & Recovery

C – Cultivating Trust in Self & Others

E – Empowerment

D – Diet/Hydration/Sleep/Surroundings


Focus Areas for Clients

  • Weight Loss/ Weight Gain
  • Nutrition for Diabetics;Seniors; Clients with Gout;Teens; & Nursing Moms
  • Healthy Mindset/Surroundings
  • Strength Training;Functional Movement
  • Personal Growth & Leadership of Self
  • Life Balance

Credentials & Experience

AFAA/NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Corporate Group Exercise
Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach in Partnership with MacDonald Center for Obesity & Prevention Education and Villanova University College of Nursing
CPR/AED/First Aid

Jaccinda’s Services

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Health from the inside out. Studio B embraces the health and wellness of people in the areas of the body, mind, and spirit.

Where to find us

1305 Escalante Dr. #203
Durango, CO 81303
Phone: ‭(970) 422-1761