Often we want to feel better “right now” so we impulsively act – use substances, sex, shopping, perfection – in service of not feeling the painful parts of our history, which when not healed create painful new experiences to reinforce the old belief. So it must be true!

This little visual is so true ( http://www.hplyrikz.com/post/154711428308 ) – only you can do the work of healing what you need healed in your heart.

It might take healthy relationships for practice, groups you feel authentically supported in, effort to really change your behavior, and honest reflection and acceptance of your own role in your own demise. Tough stuff.

Healing psychological wounds is hard work. A lot of people never attempt. They spend life blaming others for their problems, projecting their personal pain through judging, staying safe by creating an “us vs. them” mentality, and never challenge their own thoughts and behaviors.

If you choose to embark on the bigger challenge of becoming whole, those efforts pay off … you no longer have a gaping, bleeding wound, festering with the infection of what was. Instead, you have a scar. One that tells a story of your history, richness of character, and offers insight into why you are the person you are today. In complete fashion … whole.

Do the work… if you want – Look around your life:

Where are you behaving, judging, or thinking that something is wrong with you, another, a situation?

What are your emotions when you think about this situation?…

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