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If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, there has never been a more critical time in your life to set goals for yourself. While you may experience days when you don’t feel like doing anything or even getting out of bed, establishing realistic goals that benefit your health and well-being can help you heal, find comfort, and stay productive. 

Both short-term and long-term goals can prove to help you while grieving. And Studio B outlines a few steps toward healthy goal-setting and healing below. 

Make a Sanctuary    

Your daily atmosphere plays a vital role in how you process grief. Take time to create or find a sanctuary that provides you somewhere to process and express your thoughts and emotions. Maybe this means making a spot in your living room, bedroom, or garage. You could even use your outdoor living area or a nearby park. Perhaps you discover that you think more clearly while sitting in your car.

The location of your sanctuary matters less than the fact that you have one. You just want a close and convenient place where you can access it whenever your grief becomes hard to bear or when you need to escape your daily obligations. You can retreat to mourn your loss, but you will also want to set time limits and use the place for preparing for life outside of the sanctuary.

Reassess Your Job    

Many people reevaluate their careers when experiencing grief. You may have taken time off from work for mourning, which means it could be the ideal moment in your life to consider whether a change could benefit you.

Maybe this means looking for a new job in your current industry, switching to a different field altogether, or starting your own business. Becoming an entrepreneur is an excellent way to do something that brings you joy each day while maintaining more control over your destiny. Just make sure you take time to prepare before launching a company. 

You will need a profitable business idea, effective branding, and a business structure that helps you succeed. Consider establishing a Colorado LLC through a formation service to get pass-through taxation, liability protection, and many other benefits.

List a Few Things You Want This Year     

When it comes to setting healthy goals, it can help to write them out. Part of processing grief means looking for ways to mitigate the pain of your loss, but if that is all you focus on, it can hinder your progress. Take time to think about what you would like from this next year. Then, write a list of four or five outcomes. 

Your goals should be realistic and straightforward. Maybe you want to exercise four days a week and eat fewer processed foods or find a new activity that helps you unwind in the evening. Perhaps you would like to spend more time with a specific family member. Whatever your goals are, be sure to write them down to keep yourself accountable throughout the year.

Adjust Your Diet and Fitness Routine      

If you want to foster your mental health and well-being, you must care for your physical health. Consider the foods and drinks you consume each day, and look for healthier alternatives. For instance, if you consume many processed foods, salt, and sugar, consider basing your diet around cleaner foods like colorful vegetables, whole grains, and fatty fish. 

Also, if you are not getting any physical activity from your routine, think of some fun activities that could reduce stress and help you heal through your grief. For example, you might find HIIT workouts give you a much-needed boost in mood in a short amount of time. Or, you might benefit from lower intensity exercise like walking or swimming. The key is to find something that improves your day to stick to it for the long haul.

While setting goals is always important, it is critical when grieving. Consider the tips above as you develop healthy, realistic goals to pursue during this challenging season in your life. As you make the necessary changes and begin attaining your goals, it will help you heal, find comfort in your mourning, and ultimately improve your health and well-being. 

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