You have taken the weight loss challenge, been consistent, and the scale has not moved!  What is going on?  You are ready to quit, you know this is good for you, but frustration is mounting; you are beginning to question the whole idea…is it a conspiracy?  Why hasn’t the scale moved and why  does my  (insert body part here:____________) still look like that?  There are a couple of reasons we do not see immediate change when we begin a weight loss program.First, weight loss is a slow, slow process. Forget the commercials claiming you’ll lose 7-15 pounds a week. If you drop a dress size that fast, that’s about how fast your dress size will come back, and you’ll probably gain a size as well. When you are trying to better your health, it is best to approach it as a lifestyle change, not just a short term goal.

As our bodies begin to adapt, it begins to change composition. As lean mass increases it does not immediately need stored energy. Fat is stored energy, think of fat as fuel. You have given your body fuel for a later date and it is holding on for as long as possible because it is smart, and your body gets twice as much energy for one gram of fat, meaning it will use all other possibilities first. It is important to remember that exercise is half the equation and you must consider diet the other half.

Simply put, the weight loss equation is…

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