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New Stuff

Here’s where we put all the new stuff we are creating.

We are always creating. That’s what we do at Studio B, we CREATE. OUR. SELVES.

We know being human means constant change and we want to capitalize on changing for the better. We get in the studio and do the hard work of creating what we want. Then we like to share what we’ve learned with you.

Our professionals are AHHHHMAZZZING! We mean that. They are pretty great.

They are educated, experienced, passionate, and practicing.

You’ll want to come back over and over to see what they are cookin’ up to make your life better.

New In Person Groups Forming Now.

Check out what we have in store for fall and winter groups. We know Summertime in Durango is a great time to get your workout in outside … but now the weather is changing. 

Don’t Lose your momentum!

Keep your workouts going as the weather gets colder, get ready for ski, board, shoe, and all the fun winter sports we have at our finger tips, or stay on track during all those holiday parties by booking a session with one of our personal trainers or nutrition coaches.

Check out these groups! We have traditional fitness and wellness groups AND we have blended groups that utilize the newest research in psychology and physiology to capitalize on how to accomplish your health goals, overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and heal from past trauma.  

We are so excited to get into the gym and offer you great programming to keep you motivated and inspired on your health journey … More information about all groups is on our calendar and groups page click here. 

Traditional Fitness & Wellness Groups:

  • Youth Strength and Conditioning
  • Workout Parties
  • Open Studio Time

Psychology and Physiology Blends: 

  • I Am Worthy
  • I Am Resilient
  • Total Life Transformation
  • Uplevel Your Life
  • Trauma & Health
  • Discovery Sessions

We Have Therapy Groups!

Not everyone gets as excited about therapy … but we do! 

We know that group therapy is exponentially healing and are excited to finally offer this service at Studio B. 

Contact us today to get started – 970-422-1761 or contact us online here.

Therapy Groups

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Finding Identity: Women in Mid-Life
  • Healthy Masculinity: Good Men
Call us for more information about wait lists, insurance billing, and to set up a screening appointment for appropriate group placement. 


Balance Programming

Get Your LIfe Balanced! We have a variety of programs to help you round out your life and find joy in everyday experiences.

  • Life Coaching
  • Academic Assessment & Counseling
  • Meditation Groups
  • The Integration of Yoga and Psychology: Wisdom Explains, Science Informs YA CEU course
  • The Discovery Sessions

New Team Members AT Studio B

Check Out Our New Team Members! 

We’ve got some amazing professionals at Studio B and we’ve just added some more.

Meet: Lisa G, Brendan C, Aaron T, Craig S, and Megan O.

Learn More About Them Here:

And … Andrina and Savannah from our body team have joined our front desk team. We are excited to be expanding and have them join our administration crew. 

Holiday Hour Changes

As we move into holiday season we have some hour changes at our front desk.

Our providers work on varying schedules and may be working during holiday hours, however our front desk will be closed:

  • Thanksgiving Day & The Day After
  • Christmas Eve & Day
  • New Years Day 

Come Back Again and Again to See What's New At Studio B

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