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New Stuff

Here’s where we put all the new stuff we are creating.

We are always creating. That’s what we do at Studio B, we CREATE. OUR. SELVES.

We know being human means constant change and we want to capitalize on changing for the better. We get in the studio and do the hard work of creating what we want. Then we like to share what we’ve learned with you.

Our professionals are AHHHHMAZZZING! We mean that. They are pretty great.

They are educated, experienced, passionate, and practicing.

You’ll want to come back over and over to see what they are cookin’ up to make your life better.

Real Food, Real Change. 30 Day Reboot Challenge

Are you ready for more energy?

You’re in the right place! We have designed a program with you in mind. 

Our 30 Day sugar detox and behavior change program will help you commit to yourself and make the changes you need to be successful.

Get the Results You Want with Professional Guidance and Health and Wellness Coaching

Don’t Just Talk About Your Goals … Crush Them! 

Learn More About The Program Here

COVID Updates

We continue to keep our eye on the community dial color. As Durango continues to move toward opening up more so will we. 

Right now, we are holding off on all in-person groups, however, are still working one on one with clients and members of the same household. Sessions can be booked online and in-person if you and your provider are comfortable.

We also ask that you wear a mask in our space. Because we know masks both lower our transmission rate and viral load to everyone in your vicinity, we ask that you help us out by keeping everyone in our space safe. 

We thank you ahead of time for helping us continue to see people in person safely and stay open to support everyone’s health goals. 

Read More About Our COVID Policies Here

Women & ADHD

Find Your SuperPower Ladies! Women & ADHD Online Course with Stacy Reuille-Dupont, Ph.D., LAC, CPFT, CNC

Ready to find your tribe of others who can follow multiple threads of thought at once, have lots of energy, and creativity?

Ready to learn how to harness the gifts of your distractible brain and make it work for you rather than against you?

Then this program is for you. Over the course of 4 weeks, we’ll target the hardest pieces of ADHD and learn tips and tricks to hack your own patterns. 

In this course, we work on ADHD symptoms and issues specific to women with ADHD dealing with them. We review common problems of focus and attention and ways to use our ability to focus on many things at once to our benefit. 

We will also build skills to hack the parts of ADHD behaviors that annoy us. 

At the end of this program, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what helps you, distracts you, and how to work with your own system more successfully. You’ll be able to effectively set boundaries with yourself and others to make sure you are meeting the needs of your brain and body to optimize your ability to accomplish your goals. 

There are daily focus points – short and sweet – a meal plan to help make sure your body and brain have what they need to work for you not against you, physical exercise to use the body as a tool to help us focus, and mediation practices to help build our neurology toward better focus and acceptance.

Read More About The Program Here

Come Back Again and Again to See What's New At Studio B

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Health from the inside out. Studio B embraces the health and wellness of people in the areas of the body, mind, and spirit.

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