The Discovery Sessions

If you are looking for ways to feel creative, inspired, and adventurous building a life you love, Then Join Us.

Create. Your. Self. - Balance.

This monthly group training session is packed full of tips, tricks, and ideas to build a passionate and courageous life. One where you thrive, not just survive it.

Fitness is a feeling and to truly live the life you want you must cultivate a magnetism to draw the necessary supports for positive adventures, people, and activities into your life. 

When you cultivate your actions you create a strong, balanced, cherished, creative, and grounded life. 

The necessary supports are what and how you do things every day that add up to the life you want.

My psychology clients continually ask me to write things down for them, create worksheets and templates they can use outside of sessions. The Discovery Sessions are educational sessions where I share all that good info to create lasting change in your life.

Plus … we have a long Q&A section each month. This allows you to ask questions you have about making the psychology science stick in your life.

In The Discovery Sessions subscribers get to take advantage of my years of experience and service helping people build a strong, healthy, and balanced life during our monthly discussions. Plus get exclusive access to extras and special subscriber-only programs and pricing.

All for just 29.99 / month.

That’s $180 off my in-person hourly rate.


These sessions are held the 4th Wed of each month from 12:30-1:30 MST.

Educational portions of the Discovery Sessions are taped and available to all subscribers for the month to review and watch on their own time.

Submissions for the Q&A portion of the discussion are due by midnight (12 AM MST) on the 3rd Wed of each month.


Who I AM

Stacy Reuille-Dupont, PhD, LAC, CPFT, CNC

Dr. Stacy Reuille– Dupont is currently a licensed clinical psychologist, licensed addiction counselor, certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, and formerly a group exercise instructor, yoga teacher, and fitness center owner. She has over 25 years of experience working in the fitness and wellness industry and over a decade working in traditional mental health clinics, integrated care environments, and building a successful private psychology practice.


Next Steps

This course runs annually.

Get more information online below or call for more info about dates and waiting lists.

Create Your Self with StudioB - Balance.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Balance.


While all services and courses are comprehensive, you can experience heightened benefits by combining services to work in unison, especially by combining work in body, behavior, and balance. Consider some of Studio B's other services and courses listed below.

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Health from the inside out. Studio B embraces the health and wellness of people in the areas of the body, mind, and spirit.

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