Private Yoga Session

Private Yoga Session

Private Yoga Session

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Want to deepen your Yoga practice or are you looking to start but feel nervous to join a larger class?

Schedule a private Yoga session. 

Why do a private yoga session?

Because a private session helps you work on what is needed for your body, alignment, and goals. A private session allows the instructor to work with your individual needs, teach you basic Yoga skills, and help you correct alignment to master poses … even the difficult ones. Your Yoga teacher will design your practice for you, just like teachers have done for their students for thousands of years.

Unlike instruction in a class, a private session is all about you. Poses and movement are developed and based on you, not the whole class and not a particular protocol or lineage. 

In your private session, your Yoga teacher will assess your movement patterns to customize adjustments and alignment coaching to your specific needs.

They can also help you with alignment on common poses that are done repetitively in class to make sure you are not setting yourself up for an overuse injury.

During your private session, your certified yoga teacher will create customized sessions for you to practice and develop the flexibility and strength you need to continue to do Yoga for years to come. 

They can help you identify personal growth and development areas while using the wisdom of ancient teachings offer to support your lifestyle goals.

Your Yoga teacher can help you develop a more consistent Yoga practice and adhere to your meditation practice. They offer individualized coaching to make these behaviors a consistent part of your daily life. 

Your Yoga Teacher individualizes your Yoga practice so it is one you will actually do and feel good about. They can also help you customize your practice to create an integrated Yoga lifestyle that allows the “Yoga To Do You”. 


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Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.


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