Nutrition Support

Nutrition Support

Nutrition Support: Grocery Store Tours, Cooking Classes, & Healthy Party Planning Meals

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You know the rules. You’ve followed your nutrition coach’s guidelines. But it sure can be hard to figure it out what to pick when you are in the grocery store or hosting a party where guests aren’t on your whole foods diet. What to do??? Let Studio B’s nutrition coaches help.

Grocery Store Tours and Shopping Guidance

Our certified nutrition coaches can help you navigate all the labels, marketing, packaging, and lighting at the grocery store set up to tempt all your senses and add items to your cart.

It’s no secret that grocery stores are set up to get you to buy. They are built with sophisticated marketing plans and tactics to entice you to purchase items you think are healthy, but aren’t. Or that claim great health benefits, but don’t deliver. Or just to get you to add impulse items to your cart and tick up the total on your final bill.

When you know where to look and what to avoid, shopping doesn’t have to mean running an obstacle course hoping you get out alive. It becomes a pleasure to select and try new foods. It’s fun to see what options are available and easy to avoid the pitfalls you don’t need. Sometimes it just takes a little guidance and you are set for success.

Learning To Cook Healthy Meals

Whether you are stuck in a rut or are a bit fearful of jumping into cooking for yourself and your family. Studio B’s nutrition and health coaching team can help.

Each class focuses on a new recipe you can add to your healthy eating options for quick and easy meals. In our cooking classes we review the basics of being in the kitchen, help you learn to prepare the new recipe, and give you the shopping list to make sure you are ready to add it to your meal plan.

If you feel a little lost in the kitchen and not sure what gadget does what? Let Studio B’s certified nutrition coaches teach you how to use them. Plus, help you learn how to prepare quick, easy, nutritious, and fun meals to meet your healthy lifestyle goals. Learn simple substitutions when you don’t have the right ingredients on hand and find versatile tools that work for all sorts of things.

Cooking for yourself doesn’t have to be hard, overwhelming, or stressful. Believe it or not as you learn to wield kitchen magic it becomes more fun to stay home and eat. The food is tasty, colorful, and fulfilling. You know what to pair with what, how to chop, mix, stir, and fry with ease.

All this means you are more in control of your food budget, ingredients in your food, cooking whole food based meals, and eating for your bio individuality.

Healthy Party Planning Help – Tasty Plans Created for Your Next Gathering

If you are the host with the most and still want to maintain your healthy lifestyle let our certified nutrition coaches help you design your healthy party meal plan and shopping list. We take the confusion, worry, and fear out of hosting a great healthy party on a budget.

Our health and nutrition coaches will help you plan and execute a perfect gathering where no one feels deprived and you know your guests had healthy nutritious options to snack on without missing a flavorful bite.


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Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.


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