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Sometimes all the behavior and thought changes in the world aren’t enough. Studio B has psychiatric professionals to help you determine if medication treatment is right for you. 

Although medications may not be the first thing we turn to, they can be very helpful to get us where we want to go. They can bring us to a place where we can feel successful and learn new skills. They can shift us “up” a bit – even to neutral – and give us some relief. This way our brains aren’t so overwhelmed by our moods, high worry, or nervous system dysregulation from trauma experiences. 

Medication treatments can also help us make sure we are getting enough sleep. We need good sleep, and enough of it, to heal our mental and physical bodies. Without good sleep states our physiology may struggle to shift us toward optimal functioning. 

For many medications are temporary while going through a difficult time. For others they support the body similar to the way insulin might support someone with type 1 diabetes or heart medications for a chronic coronary condition. They need to add it to the system everyday to make sure their body has what it needs to function well. Their body many not make the chemicals they need to feel content, happy, connected. Medication treatment management can help. 

Once the right medications are on board, you need to manage them. Medication treatment management is about building a relationship with your prescriber so you feel comfortable discussing your experiences on the medication with them. Medication treatments may need to change and you want a person you can talk with about difficult or even embarrassing side effects and experiences with the medication. 

Studio B’s experienced and compassionate psychiatric prescribers will take the time to discuss your situation and can help you decide what medication treatment options are best for you.


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Create Your Self with StudioB - Behavior.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Behavior.


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