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How many times have you gotten home only to feel overwhelmed by what to cook for dinner?

Then it becomes … take out again.

This pattern will tank your diet before you know it. Any goal accomplished comes with a solid plan to getting it crossed off your list. 

Here’s where a meal plan enters your life. 

You + A Plan to Eat Well = Meet Your Fitness and Wellness Goals. 

And by a plan, I mean A PLAN, not just a wish. If you are like many you just don’t know what foods to combine, how to make it fit together for smart use of leftovers, create a budget over the week, and aren’t always interested in cooking a long drawn-out meal.

Therefore you need a flexible plan. One that takes into account what you need and want.  

Then what you are looking for is bio-individuality. This is a fancy word for options that suit your unique personality, physical systems, and goals.

Goals change over time, tastes change as we try new things, and so should our diet. This is where a certified health and nutrition coach.

By connecting with an integrative health coach, one who can help guide you through accountability, movement, food choices, and behavioral health needs, you are poised to crush your goals. 

At Studio B, we are all about creating. Your meal plan coach will help you create the best meal plan for your goals.

Whether you are looking for plant-based nutrition choices or are a carnivore meat-eating paleo person ~ whether you are looking for quick and easy meals or want to take the slow way around the kitchen …  we’ve got you covered. Your meal plan is based on you and your needs. 

And we do it all with real food. Real food meals that are full of the right macronutrient balance for you. We develop meal plans balanced on protein, fat, and carbohydrate built around your favorite foods and foods you will actually take the time to cook. Foods that will help you build muscle, lose weight, fight disease, and keep your immune system strong. 

Feeling a little scared of shopping and cooking for yourself? Check out our integrated schedule. We offer workshops throughout the year to help you succeed.

Topics change but like:

    • No more than 4. For those who struggle to focus in the kitchen 

    • Cooking for depression / anxiety / ADHD / addiction classes

    • Using leftovers

    • Grocery store tours

    • Cooking simple

    • Quick & easy meals

All our health and nutrition coaches are certified. All are experienced helping people just like you create healthy lifestyle patterns without feeling deprived and regimented.

We get that healthy living isn’t just about doing something today. It’s a way of life. It’s about optimizing yourself and creating the best life ever by feeling good from the inside out. 

Let us help you Create. Your. Self – contact us today to get started with your health and nutrition coach. We are near you … just a click away.

  • Are you looking for a plant-based meal plan? 
  • Want Keto based meals?
  • Going Paleo?
  • Want a high protein Vegan diet?
  • Ready to eat like an athlete?
  • Need foods that build muscle?
  • Foods that help you lose weight? 
  • Looking for the right macronutrient balance?
  • Wonder how to cook meatless?
  • Want anti-inflammatory diet choices?
  • Interested in whole food diet choices? 
  • Diabetes Diet Choices
  • Sugar-Free Meal Plans
  • Foods to Build Muscle
  • How to use food to Regulate Mood
  • What foods fight addiction cravings
  • Diet options for cancer treatments
  • Food choices to help chronic pain conditions
  • Build the immune system through food
  • Want hormone balancing foods
  • Desire an integrative health nutritionist approach?

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Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.


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