Healthy Eating On A Budget

Healthy Eating On A Budget
healthy eating on a budget

Healthy Eating On A Budget

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This course is on hold for now due to COVID-19 precautions. Please continue to check back for more updates.

Have you been excited to try a meal plan only to get to the store and find the 1st week of healthy meals costs more than your monthly food budget? 

Or can’t find half of the items on the list because they are so obscure and nowhere to be found in your grocery store? 

Did it become more work to be part of the program than you expected and you swore off prepared meal plans forever? 

Then let us help you.

Our experts in nutrition coaching and meal planning work to create a plan that is customized to you. We know everyone is different therefore needs different plans. In this course we’ll review the basics of meal planning, discuss how to repurpose leftovers so they aren’t just yesterday’s food warmed up today, and we’ll talk about how to be successful with other members of your household. 

Other topics include how to read food labels, avoiding pitfalls of grocery shopping, when to buy in bulk, and how to stock your pantry for tasty, quick, and easy meal preparation.

At the end of this course you’ll be able to plan your own meals, save money by working within your budget each week, and know how to shop for healthy foods avoiding hidden sugars and additives. 

We’ll also teach you how to use leftovers to maximize your purchases and eliminate food waste thus saving you from throwing away money because you couldn’t figure out what to do with last week’s dinner and it got moldy.

We run this Healthy Eating on a Budget online program throughout the year. Connect with us to find out the schedule and get on the waiting list for the next class.


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Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.
Create Your Self with StudioB - Body.


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