We have 3 Different Group Choices For You

Studio B offers a variety of groups to meet your fitness and wellness needs. Some of our groups are traditional fitness classes or therapy groups, others offer our unique blend of mental and physical health care. 

All groups are developed with your unique needs in mind and small by design so we can support each member of the group with individualized care. 

Studio B instructors are professionals who are passionate about their work. They have spent years developing their craft and honing their skills to bring you effective and safe modalities designed to help you Create. Your. Self. 

Please check the schedule for any changes to the group offerings and to see what we have going on that is new. Our instructors are a creative bunch and always thinking up new ways to meet your needs and help you optimize your health.

Please take a moment to read our COVID-19 Policies.

Semi-Private Personal Training


Cost: $210 / 6 weeks / 60 min weekly group – forming now. Please Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information and to be placed on the waiting list for this group. 

Teen Athletes get ready to get strong! Savannah is going to challenge you.

Savannah is a former soccer coach of 7 years and current Youth Exercise Specialist, I am excited to offer this sport specific training opportunity to the youth athletes in our community!

This is a great way for friends and teammates to reach fitness goals together in a fun and supportive environment!

Group sizes can range from 3-6 individuals. Individual personal training with Savannah is also available upon request if you are wanting more to get ready for your sport and stay on top of your agility, strength, cardiovascular and emotional health.



Cost: $120 / session. Break down: $30/person for 4 friends, $24/person with 5 friends, and $20/person for a full house (6 friends). Minimum of 4 people to book, maximum of 6.

 Ready to really get healthy? Then get your friends involved. Research continues to show us that when we socialize our behavior changes we are more successful.

This session is a private personal training session for you and up to 5 of your friends with a post workout wine, beer, or mocktail, and tapas for you and your friends.

You can hit your favorite hangout  after you have crossed your training off your list.

Book this healthy activity for you and up to 5 of your friends and get your own certified personal trainer to help making working out together fun while leaving time for you to catch up and connect.

Contact us to book your workout party now! Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information.


Want to workout on your own? Schedule one of the open studio times.

Studio B is a private personal training studio designed to maximize your goals and create individualized programs for you. As such, we are a small facility and emphasize the private nature of our location.

During open studio times you are able to complete your workout with limited people for your own semi-private gym experience.

Open studio time is not connected to any packages or individual service. You can purchase a punch pass and book into open times as you like.

You can use the open studio time to work through the programs you instructors and trainers have given you or use it for a free form workout you create on your own. Either way you can enjoy your workout, your way.

*To schedule your semi-private workout time you must have had at least one session with a Studio B personal trainer. You will review how to use all the equipment, sanitary procedures, and the basics of form and function as you set yourself on a workout program for maximum success. 

Blended Classes - Therapy + Exercise: A Dose of Behavioral Health Therapy and Fitness Training In One


Cost: $350 / 6 weeks / 90 min weekly group – forming now. Please Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information and to be placed on the waiting list for this group. 

Trauma happens to the body. As a result it impacts our physical health. Trauma dysregulates the nervous system and creates increased inflammation in our physical tissues. 

Inflammation and nervous system activation are major risk factors for many of our common diseases and conditions including: Heart disease, joint pain, obesity, chronic pain, relationship problems, mental health difficulties, addiction, inattention, fear, and routinely riding an emotional rollercoaster. 

Using psychological interventions and physical movement patterns we work to reset your nervous system, build strength and confidence in your abilities, regulate our emotions, and increase interpersonal relationship success. 

This group is for those serious about using movement and psychology to treat their physical and psychological distress. We meet in a small group (max 6 people) to address healing our trauma wounds as a supportive collective. 

Taught by Dr. Stacy Reuille-Dupont, a somatic and clinically trained licensed psychologist also trained as an exercise scientist and certified as a personal trainer with over 25 years of experience in health and psychology. Dr. Stacy has a specialty in complex trauma presentations and how our physiology and psychology inform each other.


Cost: $350 / 6 weeks / 90 min weekly group – – forming now. Please Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information and to be placed on the waiting list for this group. 

Scale up your life. In this semi-private personal training group we use psychology and physiology to uplevel your life and shift your performance. 

Using movement and psychology interventions we address your issues around goal setting, sticking to your goals, obstacles, and what it really means to take your life to the next level. 

This group is for those who want to take their physical and mental health up a notch, are looking to feel strong, vibrant, and alive while finding balance and confidence loving their bodies and healthy practices.


Cost:$200 / 4 week program / minimum of 4 people, maximum of 6 people per group

Small semi-private training groups to create the life you want using psychology, physiology, and sociology – we know change is about more than just numbers and math – it’s also about how you think, how your body reacts, and who you socialize your changes with.

This group consists of:

  • Psychology around motivation, change, behavior, habits, inspiration, focus, and commitment via weekly group sessions & daily inspirational texts.

  • Progressive personal training with weekly group workouts and weekly personal trainer email check-ins.

  • Monthly meal plans with shopping lists and prepping schedules.

  • Weekly email check in with your nutrition coach and monthly group sessions to review cooking skills, prepping, shopping, and healthy eating habits.

  • Daily meditation focus, journal prompts, and a workbook with a daily plan that tells you exactly what to do today.

  • These daily plans keep the focus for the program actions on the daily doable while also helping you see the long term goal.

Your Studio B coaches will build the daily actions as steps that build on top of each other.

 Just like the relationship an elite athlete would have with coaching staff, you’ll have your team of professionals helping you create your best self.

These 4-week in person groups are limited to 6 people. The cost is just $200 for the 4-week program.

We are currently creating the time slots for these groups. Spaces for these groups are limited. Call us to be put on our waiting list and let us know your time preferences. Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information.

If you have 6 people interested in being in a group together – We have flexible scheduling available if you have the people ready to go.

Services Included:

•Weekly psychology online group coaching calls

•Weekly personal training groups / month

•30 day meal plan

•Weekly email check in with nutrition coach and monthly online session

•Daily meditation focus, journal prompts, and a workbook with a daily plan that tells you exactly what to do today.

Traditional Group Therapy


Forming now. Please Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information and to be placed on the waiting list for this group. 

If you have anxiety or depression this therapy group can help you find ways to manage your symptoms, learn ways to deal with your experiences, and understand the underlying psychology and neurology behind these two disorders. For many they experience one and then the other, or sometimes both at the same time.  We address both in this group. Isolation becomes a way of coping but makes things worse. It might be scary to join a group, we make it fun, and it is helpful to realize you are not alone with anxiety and depression.


Forming now. Please Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information and to be placed on the waiting list for this group. 

For many, being a woman comes with lots of rules, responsibilities, and roles we are expected to adhere to. Society is good at giving us defining outlines, but as we grow we realize we can shed those rules and use our own voice loud and clear. This group focuses on developing our own voice and finding a path to live our lives to the fullest now that we are transitioning from a time of more intense child-rearing, career development, building a home, or taking care of others. In this group we discuss ways to embrace our creativity and build our sense of self in ways that help us connect with those we care about most, and most importantly ourselves. We address the physical and mental changes we are experiencing, hopes and fears for the future, as well as, heal from past hurts and traumas while experiencing the supportive environment of the group. Learning that we are not alone. 


Forming now. Please Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information and to be placed on the waiting list for this group. 

For many men finding deep friendship is difficult. Due to socialization many of us feel shamed for being sensitive and having emotions. We are disgraced for wanting a relationship that is about more than weather, sports, or sex. We crave intimacy that is not sexual in nature but were not taught how to develop it. In this group we explore what it means to be a man, the pressures society puts upon us to make money, be aggressive, and provide, and learn the skills to embrace our full selves, including our sensitivities and emotions, in healthy ways.

Balance Groups

These groups are designed to help you take your life to the next level, develop deeper skills, and gain satisfying personal growth and development. They are all about developing balance in your life, creating a sense of equanimity between being and doing, and building skills to keep you grounded.


Forming now. Please Contact us online (or call 970-422-1761) for more information and to be placed on the waiting list for this group. 

Meditation is so good for us, but not always so easy to do. In today’s distracted environment many of us find ourselves feeling scattered and unable to sit with a clear mind. It helps to have a coach and a group of like minded people to help us sit still long enough to find that quiet place inside us. Studio B’s meditation groups are taught by a variety of our professionals with training in meditation and breathing exercises. See schedule for class times and length. 



Hosted by Dr. Stacy Reuille-Dupont, this monthly group training session is packed full of tips, tricks, and ideas to build a passionate and courageous life. One where you thrive, not just survive it. 

My psychology clients continually ask me to write things down for them, create worksheets and templates they can use outside of session. This group is an extension of these requests. Rather than keep the common themes in private sessions this group is designed for all of us to benefit from common human experiences, struggles, and successes. 

In these educational sessions we review common therapy topics, discuss how psychology and physiology are related, look at ways you can create a satisfied and grateful life of balance and ease.

Subscribers can participate from anywhere on the planet & have access to my experience, training and education through the question and answer segment each month. Plus a supportive community of others working to live intentionally too.

Join The Discovery Sessions for Just $29.99/Month Learn more about the Discovery Sessions Here. 


Book sessions and find our professional availablity directly on our Packages & Booking Page.

Learn more about semi-private training options below.


If you are a new-to-us personal training client or switching between trainers, you will need to book an initial health assessment appointment in addition to any personal training sessions/packages. 

You must have at least one session with a personal trainer prior to booking any open studio workout time slots. 

Please call us for more information, we are happy to help you figure out the best options for your goals. 

Flexible scheduling, online coaching, and telehealth video are available.

Please call 970-422-1761 for options.  

Ready to Create Your Self?

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