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If you are a new-to-us personal training client, you will need to book an initial health assessment appointment in addition to any personal training sessions/packages. 

You must attend a FREE studio orientation class prior to booking any open studio workout time slots. 

Please call us for more information, we are happy to help you figure out the best options for your goals. 

Flexible scheduling is available. Please call us for options.  

Semi-Private Personal Training

Studio B offers a variety of groups to meet your fitness and wellness needs. Some of our groups are traditional fitness classes or therapy groups, others offer our unique blend of mental and physical health care. All groups are developed with your unique needs in mind and small by design so we can support each member of the group with individualized care. 

Studio B instructors are professionals who are passionate about their work. They have spent years developing their craft and honing their skills to bring you effective and safe modalities designed to help you Create. Your. Self. 

Please check the schedule for any changes to the group offerings and to see what we have going on that is new. Our instructors are a creative bunch and always thinking up new ways to meet your needs and help you optimize your health.

Please take a moment to read our COVID-19 Policies.

Semi Private Group Training Sessions


Ready to start your day off right? This group circuit class is all about hitting all the muscles of the body while burning as many calories as possible. Come in sleepy and leave energized. 


This functional fitness class gives you a full body workout in just 30 minutes. We shift quickly from exercise to exercise to create a program that helps you keep your body functioning at top performance. By paying attention to posture, movement patterns, and muscle balance we create programs that help you live your life to its fullest. 


Need something to help you let go of the day? Try this small group circuit class to shift your attention toward your evening and focus on your physical strength. 


Get bored easily? Join us for this fun and inspired movement class. You never know what style we’ll pick, but you know you’ll always get a great workout. Designed to build cardio endurance and physical strength we come up with new workout blends to keep things interesting. 



Want to workout on your own? Schedule one of the open studio times. Studio B is a private personal training studio designed to maximize your goals and create individualized programs for you. As such, we are a small facility and emphasize the private nature of our location. During open studio times you are able to complete your workout with limited people for your own semi-private gym experience. During open studio times a fitness professional is on hand to answer questions, check form, and help you with equipment. You’ll know your favorite cardio piece is always available for you because you’ve scheduled your time to use it. Open studio time is not connected to any packages or individual service. You can purchase credits and book into open times as you like. You can use the open studio time to work through the programs you instructors and trainers have given you or use it for a free form workout you create on your own. Either way you can enjoy your workout, your way. 

To schedule your semi-private workout time you must have taken an orientation class. Orientation classes are free and review how to use all the equipment, sanitary procedures, and the basics of form and function as you set yourself on a workout program for maximum success. These classes are led by Studio B’s expert and experienced trainers to make sure you get the best value for your time.  


Want to work out at Studio B. Studio B is set up to feel like your private / semi-private home gym. Orientation class helps make sure we are all on the same page. In this class we review how to use all the equipment, sanitary procedures, and the basics of form and function as you set yourself on a workout program for maximum success. These classes are led by Studio B’s expert and experienced trainers to make sure you get the best value for your time.

Blended Classes - Therapy + Exercise: A Dose of Behavioral Health Therapy and Fitness Training In One


Ready to shed excess baggage – literally and figuratively? This class is for those dealing with issues related to obesity, emotional eating, and finding the “sweetness” in life outside of food. Using physical exercise we challenge our body while using mental health therapy to address reasons for the weight in the first place, difficulties dealing with excess weight, fat discrimination, and develop healthy coping and boundary setting skills.



Tired of feeling like you are going to crawl out of your skin? Want to find a way to slow down your mind so your thoughts are not so full of worry and fear? Looking to find strength in body and mind? Then join us for this blended class. We use physical exercise to help metabolize the excess stress chemicals in the body while allowing our mind something else to focus on. We hack the physical structures of the body to help us learn how to feel grounded, relaxed, and capable in the world. Through physical and mental challenges we build the confidence we need to realize that we can figure things out instead of just worrying about them. We work on developing tangible ways to solve life’s problems and believe in ourselves.  



This blended class is all about meeting our energy where it is and capitalizing on our physical system to help us shift toward more positive mood states. Depression comes with a heavy and unmotivated physical feeling, yet we know doing just 2 30 min sessions per week for 8 weeks is as good as an SSRI in shifting depressed states. But, it’s hard to show up to exercise when you are feeling depressed. We make it a bit easier. In this class we address depression symptom management, healthy coping skills, taking care of yourself when feeling depressed, healthy eating, and more. 



Ready for sobriety? Want to find healthy coping skills and habits that take the place of all that time you used to use? Then this class is for you. A combination of therapy and physical training we tap into your body’s wisdom to help you heal both physically and mentally. 



For all you ADHD folks out there. This class helps you use the natural need to move for successful focus and attention control. We address common difficulties people with ADHD have staying on track and getting things done as well as work on healing shame and negative self-talk you might have as a result of ADHD struggles.

Traditional Group Therapy


If you have anxiety or depression this therapy group can help you find ways to manage your symptoms, learn ways to deal with your experiences, and understand the underlying psychology and neurology behind these two disorders. For many they experience one and then the other, or sometimes both at the same time.  We address both in this group. Isolation becomes a way of coping but makes things worse. It might be scary to join a group, we make it fun, and it is helpful to realize you are not alone with anxiety and depression.



Trauma disrupts the nervous system. When we dysregulate the nervous system a whole cascade of symptoms present themselves. This group focuses on understanding how trauma impacts us, developing healthy coping skills, and building post-traumatic growth. This group is not a group focused on telling the stories of our trauma, rather looking at our lives now and developing a vision for who we want our future self to be. 



Does your family struggle to communicate effectively? Everyone seem to have their own style of communicating but the words that are coming out of my mouth are never heard? Does you family feel stuck in the same old same old patterns with no way out? This group helps you find new ways to communicate and look deeper at your family structure to create effective ways to communicate and maintain a healthy power structure in the family system. 



This group is for you teens. Are you feeling confused about the world? Have things you are facing but not sure you want to tell your parents the details yet? Want to have a space to talk about your goals, hopes, and dreams without anyone’s bias in your decision? Feel like you could use a guide? That’s what we are here to help you with. In this group you’ll meet other teens going through similar things and learn from each other. You’ll have the guidance of your therapist(s) and help making decisions that are positive for you. 



DBT is a self regulation therapy designed to help you learn healthy coping skills, decrease self-harming behaviors, and increase your feelings of self worth. It is a popular therapy model because it works. In this group we work on developing skills in 4 areas: Interpersonal Effectiveness – learn to ask for what you want, say no to what you don’t, and set boundaries effectively. Learn skills to be heard and be taken seriously. Emotional Regulation – understand the underpinnings of emotions. What they are here for, how they help us, and what to do about them. Learn skills to manage them so you’re being swallowed up by them over and over. Distress Tolerance skills to manage stress and not make a crisis worse. In this module you learn ways to tolerate discomfort and shift your attention away from what isn’t working toward what you can successfully do in the moment, and Mindfulness Skills to help them all work better. When we are mindful we are able to determine what we need to do in the moment and focus on what will be effective to meet our goals. Together these 4 skills help us manage our behaviors, emotions, and build healthier relationships. 



Are you ready to let go of unhealthy coping behaviors and get out of the addiction cycle? In this group we look at the reasons for your addiction, ways to heal physically and mentally after addiction, building healthy relationships, finding a life worth living, thriving in sobriety, and staying sober. We also address dealing with shame and making amends in safe and healthy ways. This group is a great adjunct to your 12-step program or individual therapy program. 



This therapy group explores issues related to staying healthy, adhering to medical prescriptions, dealing with emotional eating, learning to take care of oneself, and finding the right balance of being and doing when it comes to making your life as healthy as possible. Using the latest research and evidence based interventions to help you take ownership and control of your health. We cover everything from weight loss, medication adherence, dealing with pain, emotional eating, addiction, depression & anxiety as a result of injury, getting ready for / health from surgery, and more. If it’s related to staying healthy we address it. 



In this group we look at what it means to have lived a good life, how we see our relationships now, and how we want the future of our lives to look. This group is for those over the age of 65 and in retirement. The focus of this group is on healing the past and developing a plan to address the future. We examine the difficulties and gifts of these years while embracing the wisdom of our lives. Emphasis is given to social interactions and developing a sense of community. 



For many, being a woman comes with lots of rules, responsibilities, and roles we are expected to adhere to. Society is good at giving us defining outlines, but as we grow we realize we can shed those rules and use our own voice loud and clear. This group focuses on developing our own voice and finding a path to live our lives to the fullest now that we are transitioning from a time of more intense child-rearing, career development, building a home, or taking care of others. In this group we discuss ways to embrace our creativity and build our sense of self in ways that help us connect with those we care about most, and most importantly ourselves. We address the physical and mental changes we are experiencing, hopes and fears for the future, as well as, heal from past hurts and traumas while experiencing the supportive environment of the group. Learning that we are not alone. 



For many men finding deep friendship is difficult. Due to socialization many of us feel shamed for being sensitive and having emotions. We are disgraced for wanting a relationship that is about more than weather, sports, or sex. We crave intimacy that is not sexual in nature but were not taught how to develop it. In this group we explore what it means to be a man, the pressures society puts upon us to make money, be aggressive, and provide, and learn the skills to embrace our full selves, including our sensitivities and emotions, in healthy ways.

Balance Groups

These groups are designed to help you take your life to the next level, develop deeper skills, and gain satisfying personal growth and development. They are all about developing balance in your life, creating a sense of equanimity between being and doing, and building skills to keep you grounded.


Meditation is so good for us, but not always so easy to do. In today’s distracted environment many of us find ourselves feeling scattered and unable to sit with a clear mind. It helps to have a coach and a group of like minded people to help us sit still long enough to find that quiet place inside us. Studio B’s meditation groups are taught by a variety of our professionals with training in meditation and breathing exercises. See schedule for class times and length. 



Why do I need a class to learn how to breathe you ask? I do it everyday, all day you say? However, research shows us that many of us are not using our breath to its fullest potential to heal our body and mind. In this class we cover a variety of breathing techniques and focus on the anatomy of breathing, physical sensations as we expand our breath into the physical structures, and the emotional regulation we get from healthy breathing practices. We place focus on using the breath to heal our physical and mental health. Join us and experience the power of the breath. 



Want to deepen your Yoga practice or are you looking to start but feel nervous to join a larger class. Schedule a private Yoga session. In your private session your yoga teacher will assess your movement patterns and help you identify personal growth and development areas the ancient teachings offer. They individualize your Yoga practice so it is one you will actually do and feel good about. They can also help you customize your practice to create an integrated Yoga lifestyle that allows the “Yoga To Do You”. 



In this compassion practice we focus on building skills to meet every situation with loving kindness and compassion. We work on turning the mind toward what is good even when it is difficult. We discuss ancient wisdom and blend it with modern teachings to help you create a personalized loving kindness practice that brings you a sense of fulfillment and connection. 

Ready to Create Your Self?

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